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Seeking to provide scholars with a rigorous and joyful school environment as early as possible, Democracy Prep Harlem Elementary opened with Kindergarten in 2013 and will add a grade each year. Starting at age 5, scholars will grapple with rigorous material, civic engagement and character education through the DREAM values that will set them up to Work Hard, Go to College, and Change the World! Upon completion of 5th Grade, scholars will transition to Democracy Prep Harlem Middle School and then High School where they will continue on their path to and through college and a life of active citizenship.

Mia Backon

K – 5

398 Scholars

The DREAM Team

Mia Backon


Chelsey Palmer

Assistant Principal

Allison Roberts

Instructional Coach

Jasmine McQuay

Leader U Fellow & 5th Grade Team Leader

Christy Brown

Operations Manager

Irene Polanco

Senior Family Impact Coordinator

Cesar Lazcano

Senior Operations & Technology Associate

Claudia Carreon


Jessica Loubriel

Operations Associate

Fitzroy Saunders


Jennifer Myers


Erin Chilelli

Social Worker

Kristyn Demartinis

Social Worker

Sue Kim

ACT K-2 Specialist

Paola Peñuela

Kindergarten Teacher & K-1 Grade Team Leader

Pamela Peñuela

Kindergarten Teacher

Christine Jurado

Kindergarten Teacher

Leesa Pea

Kindergarten Teacher

Meghan Riffle

First Grade Teacher

Amy Morton

First Grade Teacher

Alyssa Harris

First Grade Teacher

Amanda Johnson

First Grade Teacher

Kristen Turpin

Second Grade Teacher & Grade Team Leader

Ebony Lambright

Second Grade Teacher

Khadidja Sow

Second Grade Teacher

Anna Longo

Second Grade Teacher

Kara Miranda

3-5 ACT Specialist & ACT Coordinator

Sheila Sullivan

Third Grade Teacher & Grade Team Leader

Joseph Anderson

Third Grade Teacher

Chris Melendez

Third Grade Teacher

Qi Zheng

Third Grade Teacher

Amy Tobin

Fourth Grade Teacher & Grade Team Leader

Khadijah Lewis

Fourth Grade Teacher

Samantha Zerbe

Fourth Grade Teacher

Claire Hughes

Fourth Grade Teacher

Alissa Jacquess

Fourth Grade Teacher

Kamille Campbell

Fourth Grade Teacher

Edgar Dinzey

Fifth Grade Teacher & ELL Coordinator

Crystal Holmes-Smith

Fifth Grade Teacher

David Outten

Fifth Grade Teacher

Michael O'Dea

Fifth Grade Teacher

Taylor Chiola

Fifth Grade Teacher

Tyler Harl

Fifth Grade Teacher

Rachel Lee

Science & Social Studies Teacher & Co- Curricular Leader

Nicole Taylor

Science & Social Studies Teacher

Cherby Laguerre

Physical Education Teacher

Robert Subjenski

Music Teacher

Grace Lopata-Linn

Dance Teacher

Jeffrey Ashamole


DPNY Board of Directors

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To contact the DPNY Board, please email Boardoftrustees@DemocracyPrep.org

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